BMW M3 Paint Correction Detail

I while back I had the pleasure of doing an engine detail on this gorgeous 2001 BMW M3 in PhoenixGelb Metallic. The owner had called up a few weeks ago to schedule some paint correction on his M3 to get it ready for the car show season. This BMW M3 is a definite head-turner, and correction on the paint would make it even more spectacular. BMW is known throughout the detailing world for having one of the toughest clear coat finishes around and this M3 was no exception. The paint went through a wash process while removing any existing wax. It then went through a series of stages such as paint clay, correction, intensive polish and a hand applied Carnauba wax, to name a few. The wheels were polished and Tuf-Shine was applied for a no-sling finish. Here’s some pictures of the finished M3.

2 thoughts on “BMW M3 Paint Correction Detail

  1. Is that the stand that Griots sells ? If so how do you like it ? I have been eyeballing it for a few months now. Figured it would be nice for doing my wifes truck.

  2. Great observation! it is the Portable Detailing Platform and Workbench from Griot’s Garage. Its a great tool and we use it every day. Its ability as a platform is great because you have the ability to work the roof of a car with greater easy and thus giving you a better quality detail. Its rated to hold 500 lbs safely and sturdy. It also works great as a workbench with pockets built in to hold small parts and a built in power strip that is quite handy. The legs fold in for great portability. At $169.00, its a great buy for a tool this versatile and portable. Let us know and we can get one in stock for you.

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