BMW Z3 Roadster Detail

From time to time, I get a BMW in for paint correction in a color other than black. This 2001 BMW Z3 Roadster was painted in Oxfordgrunden Metallic. The client brought in this car to see what I could do in terms of an overall detail for a BMW car show that was coming up. The vehicle had shown signs of oxidation and there were random deep scratches and swirls. Not an easy task considering BMW’s tough as nails ceramic clear coat. I started working the engine for detailing, a proper 3 bucket wash process, removing any existing wax for a clean palette to work with and paint clay to remove contaminants.
Then it was on to the paint. Using a proven process for clear coat finishes such as these, I used my DA to level the paint and then used my Flex L3403 VRG rotary polisher to jewel the paint to a high gloss. For the “RIDS” (Random Intense Deep Scratches), I had to wet sand these to level them correctly to the rest of the finish. With almost 20% of the vehicle having to be wet-sanded, it was a slow process to correct this paint properly. Once corrected and polished, Cleaner Fluid from Swissvax was used to prep the paint for waxing. Swissvax Mirage gave it a deep intense gloss and a fantastic wet-look. The interior was detailed back to it’s factory look and the vehicle was raised to detail items such as the exhaust, suspension, and lower valances. Dings on the side doors were also addresed as were paint chips to revive the vehicle’s apprearance. After an intense process, this vehicle was proudly displayed by the owner and the detail process took nearly a decade of wear and tear on the vehicle making it worthy of display. It was a pleasure to see the proud owners gaze upon their detailed Z3 with smiles and amazement. – Mike Cardenas

One thought on “BMW Z3 Roadster Detail

  1. As owner of this BMW Z3, I am 110% satisfied with the intense work Mike Cardenas did on the Z3. Most car enthusiast/owners are particular as to who service their cars, at least that is how I feel. I did not know Mike before I walked into his shop. But I soon recognized how passionate and caring Mike is about cars. As we discussed the Z3’s condition, Mike took the time to answer all my questions and more. I felt as though Mike treated the Z3 as if it was his own. I highly recommend Mike Cardenas, Master Detailer, for your detailing needs.

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