Griot’s Garage Leather Care Spray

There are a lot of leather conditioners and cleaners out in the detailing market, and one of the companies that has taken the challenge to develop an exciting line of leather care products is Griot’s Garage. Griot’s Garage set out to develop a product that would not only feed the leather with essential nutrients, but clean the leather as well without a greasy-feel. I’ve been using the product in the detail studio since day one and it has never disappointed. It’s extremely easy to use and the scent is amazing. Griot’s Leather Care Spray is safe for all types of leather, especially on top-coated types due to its mild detergent. Its also great on perforated leather due to its ability to clean and condition without clogging and leaving residue as it dries clear on the surface. Leather Care Spray leaves a genuine leather scent that helps give details that new car scent. To use, spray on to a microfiber pad or towel and simply wipe down the surface until the dirt and contaminants begin to lift off the leather. After the initial wipe down, simply buff dry with microfiber towel and voila! Clean, supple and non-greasy leather. At $24.99 for a 35 Ounce bottle, it’s great value for a product that will provide outstanding results. I recently had a client bring an older Lexus for a detail, and the light-colored leather really showed its years as the leather was in need of cleaning and conditioning. After using Griot’s Leather Care Spray, the results were a dramatic make-over for the leather in the now rejuvenated Lexus. This great product from Griot’s Garage is available at SweetCars and is also available in 8 ounce size and as 100 count wipes. Get yours today and bring your leather back to life. – Mike Cardenas


2 thoughts on “Griot’s Garage Leather Care Spray

  1. Their leather care products do work well. Your article reminded me that it is time to do the living room furniture again. It is black so you don’t really notice how dirty it gets until you clean it and look at the rag. But when done, it does feel really nice.

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