The paint clay process took the detailing world by storm since it’s introduction decades ago. Since then, detailers have used the clay process to remove surface contaminants to leave a clean paint surface on which further work can be done. Now there is a new product that has been making waves in the detailing world. This product takes the process further than the traditional paint clay and in less time.

The NANOSKIN AUTOSCRUB PAD from Nanoskin Car Care Products is a new revolutionary product that was developed to make the “claying” process easier and faster than ever. The NANOSKIN AUTOSCRUB system replaces the use of clay bars with it’s new advanced rubber polymer technology. The pad comes in different sizes and intensities ranging from fine to medium. The pad is used on a dual action orbital polisher and requires using a detailing spray as a lubricant much like the conventional clay. It safely removes paint over spray, water spots, tree sap, various contaminants and it even claims to remove rail dust, which can be a challenge to remove with conventional clay.¬†Maintaining the pad couldn’t be easier. Just simply rinse the pad off under water to rinse off the contaminants and set out to dry.

I recently put the AUTOSCRUB PAD to the test by using it on some large vehicles that came into the shop for detailing. A Ford F-250 and a Chevrolet pick up were great candidates to try out the new pad. The process could not be easier! I easily completed each vehicle under 15 minutes. These large vehicles would of taken 3 times as longer with conventional clay. The results were great! You still get the silky smooth feel on the paint surface that you get with clay but I noticed that the NANOSKIN removed contaminants that were usually not removed by clay such as water spots. I used my DA polisher and set the speed to 1 while using Nanoglide as the lubricant, I was quickly convinced that this was one product that could be a potential game changer in how contaminants are being removed from paint. These pads are available at SweetCars and I highly recommend them if you are especially looking to clean a large vehicle, boat or aircraft. – Mike Cardenas




  1. Hi Mike…I went to your September clinic to learn about the clay process and the nanoskin. Learned a lot about the clay and finally did the clay on my car and it made a big difference in the look of the car. In partial laziness and wanting to see the difference I only did half the roof and you can feel and see the difference in the paint. It was simple to do after learning from you and now I’ll finish the rest of the roof and the right side of the car to be ready for winter. Also did the same with the wheels on my wife’s car with a different piece of clay and the wheel wax you recommended…amazing what the clay picks up even when you think you cleaned them well.
    I appreciate what you and the Sweet Cars team does to support the car hobbyist to help make our cars look good longer.

  2. I went to one of Mike’s detail clinics where he demonstrated the AUTOSCRUB – I purchased one – did my car – my wife’s car and LOVE the results – I recommend this to anyone that wants to prep the car paint surface for wax with very little elbow grease – Thanks for the clinic Mike – it was worth it’s weight in gold!!

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